Don’t Just Buy A Tanker… Buy A Pierce.

Pierce is the number one custom fire apparatus manufacturer in the world. With over 140 on-staff engineers, Pierce promises quality craftsmanship when designing and building its tankers. You can be sure you’re purchasing the best tanker when you buy a Pierce from EVS.

Considering how dangerous it can be getting to an emergency, Pierce focuses on safety and strength when designing and building their tanker trucks. Every Pierce tanker is engineered with proper weight distribution to maximize braking, traction, and stability. Pierce is the only company that offers the exclusive Side Roll Protection System. In addition, their exclusive body-mounting system with underbody supports also increases stability and strength, and extends the life of the vehicle.

Pierce Offers Three Types of Tanker Fire Trucks

  • Pumper Tankers
  • Dry-Side Tankers
  • Elliptical Tankers

Tanker Specifications

CHASSIS CHOICES: Quantum ®, Velocity ™, Impel™, Arrow XT™, Saber®, Dash® CF All Pierce custom - most commercial All Pierce custom - most commercial All Pierce custom - most commercial
PUMP RANGE Waterous, Hale or Darley Midship (500-2250 gpm) PTO (250-1000 gpm) Waterous, Hale or Darley Midship (500-2250 gpm) PTO (250-1000 gpm) Waterous, Hale or Darley Midship (500-2250 gpm) PTO (250-1000 gpm)
LOWER COMP. DEPTH 26" 25.88" 25.88"
BODY WIDTH 96" 98" 98"
TANK SIZES 2,000-3,000 gallons (7,570-11,356 liters) 1,250-4,000 gallons (4,731-15,141 liters) 1,500-4,000 gallons (5,678-12,141 liters)
COMPARTMENT WEIGHT RATINGS 500 lb. 500 lb. 500 lb.
BODY WARRANTY 10 year 10 year 10 year
PAINT WARRANTY Up to 12 years Up to 12 years Up to 12 years

Pumper Tankers

Pierce Pumper Tankers feature solid, corrosion-free polypropylene tanks. Manufactured by UPF, these form-fitted tanks are available in 2,000, 2,500, or 3,000-gallon. They are super lightweight, poly tanks for both water transportation and on-the-spot firefighting. Electronically controlled, pneumatic-actuated dump chutes are located on both the side and rear of the firetruck to allow you to carry water, or fill an empty tank on-scene. All Pumper Tankers are completely customizable — Hercules™ Compressed-air and HUSKY® foam systems are available, as is Pierce’s Control Zone™ pump panel. Regardless of what Pumper Tanker you choose, you will have a versatile firefighting machine.

Dry-Side Tankers

Pierce Dry-Side Tankers can carry 1,500 to 4,000 gallons of water, giving you the durability and performance synonymous with a Pierce Pumper and the additional options needed for water transfer. The Dry-Side Tanker can carry ladders or equipment on both sides, and it also includes countless compartments rated up to 500 lbs for the equipment and storage space you need. Its multiple rear axle locations are optimal for weight distribution, and the fire truck’s flat sides help prevent rollovers. Available on Pierce commercial and custom models and featuring a UPF Poly baffling system installed inside the tanks, the Dry-Side Tanker from Pierce is a superior ride.

Elliptical Tankers

Known as the “workhorse” for hauling water, a Pierce Elliptical Tanker can carry 1,500 to 4,000 gallons of water, with room to haul up to 500 pounds of firefighting equipment per compartment. The tank is formed with UPF poly material and is available in a polished or brushed stainless steel finish. The water dome access ladder is rubber mounted to help absorb shock and prevent body stress. Due to the Elliptical’s low center of gravity and profile, you get a very stable ride and a vehicle that’s easy to maneuver into smaller fire station garage doors. Available on Pierce custom and commercial models with multiple body designs, the Pierce Elliptical Tanker is just the fire truck to fit your department.

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