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EVS / G&W is a Scott Factory Authorized Industrial and Fire Service Repair Center

EVS / G&W can assist you with any of your Scott Safety equipment needs. Specializing in both industrial and fire service, Scott SCBA, airline equipment, and compressors are compliant in all OSHA, NIOSH, NFPA, DOT and CBRN standards and requirements. We offer sales, service, flow testing, and repair of your Scott SCBA, RIT equipment, Cascade system, and Breathing air Compressor. We also can service and repair other brands of breathing air compressors. We stock 100% Scott brand repair and replacement components for all Scott respiratory protection equipment. Our experience in the industry, coupled with the expertise of our technical staff allows our customers cost savings by reducing vendors, standardizing equipment and procedures, and providing accurate and vital documentation. Properly operating and maintained SCBAs help you respond more quickly in the event of an emergency.

SCBA Service

Our service team consists of factory-trained and authorized technicians with over 50 combined years of fire and industrial experience. We strictly follow all Scott maintenance and service procedures, using only factory parts and components. We maintain a large inventory of Scott factory parts. This inventory is distributed among our multiple locations and mobile service technicians. This means fasters service and less down time of your equipment. EVS / G&W can also flow/function test all types of SCBA and Air Line Respirators. We provide flow testing for Scott Safety SCBA's. Our mobile technicians can come to your facility or you can bring your SCBA's to us. NFPA1852 requires that SCBA be flow/function tested annually using the Posichek3 SCBA tester, the only approved SCBA flow test device for NFPA-mandated annual flow testing. EVS uses the Biosystems Posichek 3 for all Scott flow tests. The Posicheck 3 evaluates the operational fitness of your SCBA through dynamic tests and functional checks against performance criteria set down by NIOSH and the NFPA. We believe that periodic testing is crucially important. Flow-testing determines the operational fitness of an SCBA by means of a series of dynamic tests and functional checks. Flow-testing quantitatively determines whether the current performance of an SCBA meets NIOSH and NFPA requirements.

Respirator Fit Testing

We offer quantitative fit-testing for Scott Safety masks and respirators to meet your needs, both at our location and yours. We do not provide Qualitative fit test methods. Qualitative fit testing methods are not approved for use with full face masks used for firefighting and the least desirable way to perform fit testing. Challenge agents are messy and unpleasant to the test administrators and subjects. EVS uses the computerized OHD Fit Tester 3000 and Porta Count Fit tester. These systemseliminate the need for irritant smoke, banana oil, or other challenge agents to spray, breathe, mix, fill, or spill. There are no human factors that could influence a test. Instead, the respirator fit tester replaces these outdated, qualitative methods with the convenience of controlled negative pressure or particle counting systems. OHD Fit Tester 3000 has even improved on quantitative methods., the OHD uses a pressure differential to truly assess mask/face leakage. Additionally, the OHD Fit Tester 3000 is the only quantitative fit-testing device that can check its calibration in the field. Let EVS conduct your fit tests for respiratory standard compliance.

Compressor / Breathing Air Systems Service

While specialized in Scott Breathing Air Systems, our trained technicians are capable of servicing most major brands of high pressure breathing air compressors. NFPA required air sample testing, periodic maintenance, and most repairs can be accomplished at your facility. NFPA requires that breathing air be tested quarterly. Our technicians are able to provide breathing air testing by sending your air sample to the same accredited laboratory that we use for testing.

Cylinder Hydro Testing

Are your SCBA, SCUBA, or cascade cylinders due for a 3 or 5 year hydro-test? Our services include using a certified D.O.T. cylinder hydro-test facility. Give us a call and let us help you make arrangements to have your cylinder inventory hydro-tested and inspected, with minimal disruption to your operations.

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