Holmatro Rescue Tools

We are the Exclusive Holmatro Sales & Service Dealer for Arkansas, Tennessee and Northern Mississippi.

Perhaps no other type of fire/rescue equipment is subjected to more severe treatment than your hydraulic rescue tools. This is especially true when dealing with the new challenges and risks presented to rescuers by some of the safety features in today's automobiles, including new high-strength steel alloys, composite materials, and frame construction.

As Holmatro's authorized Warranty Service Center EVS / G&W has invested in extensive training for our Dealer Service Technicians (DST) and specialized testing and repair equipment to satisfy our goal of keeping your system operating at peak efficiency and rescue ready for your next emergency. Not only are our Dealer Service Technicians factory trained, they are re-certified every two years.

Annual Preventative Maintenance

To ensure proper operation and performance, Holmatro recommends annual inspection, testing and preventative maintenance of all rescue equipment. This program is typically conducted at your station to reduce downtime. This annual comprehensive program offers a complete and thorough service of your Holmatro system insuring that it meets the manufacturer's specifications for performance, pressures, and forces. By servicing and inspecting the system, the chances of a system or tool failure are greatly reduced, giving the fire department peace of mind knowing that the users and the community being served are protected with properly maintained equipment at the best possible level.

Our comprehensive preventative maintenance program includes
  • Fluid and Filter changes
  • Functional testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Hose leak and pressure testing
  • Lubrication of control handles and other moving parts
  • System Maintenance Records

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Holmatro Services Team

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Field Service Manager

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EVT Certified & Pierce Master Technician
Field Service Manager - Conway


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Field Technician

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Field Technician

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EVT Master Technician

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Holmatro Specialist

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Field Technician