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Since the introduction of its first firefighting thermal imager in 1998, Bullard has captured the lead market position within this industry throughout the world, with several thousand units in service. Bullard is the number one choice of firefighters, known widely to offer the greatest durability, the most practical features, the best training resources and the highest level of support available.

The Best Image Quality. Ever.

The new X Factor Series Thermal Imagers incorporate the latest advancement in infrared technology. Infused with Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE™) technology, X Factor TIs provide the best image quality in the harshest, hottest environments so you can see details never before possible on firefighter thermal imagers.

5 Year Warranty

X-Factor Thermal Imagers come with a five-year full service warranty on parts and labor. This warranty is unique in the industry, covering all parts and labor, instead of just one or two key sensors.

Advanced Features

Bullard prides itself on a unique set of features designed to work in concert with the task of firefighting.

Electronic Thermal Throttle

  • Pinpoint heat sources; isolate areas of concern
  • Patented Technology
  • Automatically identifies the warmest object in the field of view when engaged
  • Large temperature range: 0°F to 500°F
  • Reduce distractions: engage only when needed; 
Throttle sensitivity up or down to pinpoint heat sources
  • Uses: Size-up, Overhaul, Hazmat, ‘Smells and Bells’ Calls

Super Red Hot

  • Colorizes objects according to temperature
  • A consistent color range for quick scene assessment
  • Predictable colorization: Yellow = 500°F; Orange = 800°F; Red = 1000°F
  • Uses: Isolate the seat of the 

SceneCatcher DVR

  • Record and store up to 5 hours of vivid high definition video and hundreds of images
  • Easy transfer to PC with USB 2.0 technology; Plug and play interface
  • Uses: Training, Investigations

Upgrade / Trade-In

Take advantage of the generous upgrade and trade-in programs available through December 31, 2016. Check out the details below.

Upgrade Bullards TIs Trade In Bullard or Non-Bullard TIs
Get any X-Factor TI for $3999
Get $750 off any X-Factor model when trading in a Bullard TI that is not eligible for upgrade

Get $500 off any X-Factor model when trading in a non-Bullard TI
Available for the following fully functional Bullard TI models purchased after 1/1/07: Eclipse LD, T3/T3MAX Series, T4/T4MAX Series (excluding T4N) Available for trade ins of fully functional TIs from any manufacturer
No limit on the number of cameras you upgrade No limit on the number of cameras you trade in
Upgrade to the same resolution (or better! Free upgrade to 240 x 180 for 160 x 120 cameras)
All units now ship standard with Super Red Hot and Temperature Measurement, even if they were not included on the older imager. Super Red Hot and Temperature Measurement are included as standard on all X-Factor models
Upgrades may cross TI product models (For example, users may upgrade a T3 to a T3X, Eclipse LDX, or a T4X)
3 Year full service warranty on parts and labor 5 year full service warranty on parts and labor

To check if your Bullard TI is eligible for an upgrade, click here. For more detailed information on upgrades and trade ins, contact your local EVS sales representative.

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