Wheeled Coach

Wheeled Coach. The world's largest ambulance brand.

Whether it's a single unit or a full fleet, Wheeled Coach designs medical attack, rescue and fire emergency vehicles for your department's specific needs. They're all built in Central Florida at the only ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer in the industry. And with a dedicated After-Market Parts and Service Group, your vehicles and crews are kept ready for the front-line.

A History of Innovation

Since the beginning in 1973, Wheeled Coach has kept its eye on the future; always working with customers to improve upon today's ambulances and rescue vehicles. The goal has been to make emergency vehicles safer for both patient and crew, and at the same time, make them more efficient. Starting with the first van-type ambulance in the industry, the product developments keep on coming.


SafePASS is the new industry-exclusive safety system with specially-designed door handles and an emergency direct release tab for exit in case of an accident, SafePASS means a safer ride for the patient and crew.


DuraLite Cabinet Systems are the standard for quality and durability in the ambulance industry. Easily customized to your specifications, these European-styled, fully customized cabinets can fit the needs of your rigs, and will stand the stress of emergency care.

Stealth Power

This innovative system provides standby power without engaging the engine, saving on fuel, harmful emissions and vehicle maintenance. The System powers electrical equipment for hours with the engine off.

Pure Air Filtration System (P.A.F.S)

The Wheeled Coach patented Pure Air Filtration System™ system is a self-contained, three filter system that removes dust, pollen, large particles and odors. Removes particles 0.3 microns or larger at an efficiency rate of 99.97%. It is the only system that exceeds government K-Specs air exchange regulations.

Corner Cap Lighting System

When visibility first became an issue, Wheeled Coach introduced a revolutionary system, offering 360° lighting coverage, protecting DOT marker lights and providing stress relief to minimize damage in the event of a serious accident.


Designed to allow the use of an auxiliary A/C condenser without compromising the safety of the front mounted warning lights, the Cool-Bar uses a high volume condenser for more efficient patient air conditioning while enhancing safety with two angled warning lights.

Wheeled Coach Vehicles

As the worlds largest ambulance manufacturer, Wheeled Coach carries a variety of vehicles manufactured specifically for your industry. Whether you're in the EMS, fire, rescue or defense industry — Wheeled Coach manufactures a vehicle specifically for you. Please take a moment to look at the different products and discover interesting facts and valuable product information to help you with your upcoming ambulance or fire rescue vehicle purchase.

Type I

Wheeled Coach understands every emergency situation has unique demands. Each of Wheeled Coach's Type I vehicles is computer-designed and manufactured to perform under the most challenging circumstances.

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Type II

EMS providers have long searched for an ambulance that is lightweight, packed with safety features and economical to operate. Wheeled Coach has responded with the Type II ambulance.

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Type III

When you require maximum flexibility and strength for any situation, the versatile Type III by Wheeled Coach delivers. The multipurpose vehicle performs like a champ in virtually any environment.

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Sometimes, a regular size ambulance just won’t do it. That’s why each and every Wheeled Coach Medical Attack Vehicle (MAV) is computer designed and manufactured to give you the most flexibility.

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